Making Dreams Happen

Bug Free Mind Principles

July 25th, 2014

Give attention to your achievements

If you never give yourself a pat on the back for what you have achieved in a day, week or month then you are missing out! When you think about the principle of focus, as in whatever you focus on you tend to get more of; if you focus on what you’ve done you will start getting more and more done!

Don’t believe me, well if you spend all your time focusing on the things you haven’t done, you’ll be beating yourself up, and asking your subconscious for more of ‘not getting anything done!’ I’ve made this mistake for years until it was pointed out to me. So don’t do it anymore!

100% Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Health

April 16th, 2012

To live a long healthy lifestyle that includes meditation, good quality exercise, good quality nutrition and to be able to maintain positive emotions and mentality as much as possible. This includes having a strong and well built body, and experiencing a consistent high level of self-esteem, enthusiasm and happiness.

I’m remembering that the first principle of success is first to do my own thinking for myself. Already in many small ways I have caught myself ‘drifting’ off onto automatic thought routes, and a simple, ‘think for yourself’ jogs me back to attention. This particular aspect of my vision can be summed up in personal strength and personal health. More than likely this aspect will affect all the other aspects simply because it’s about my health. So if we break it up:

Think and Grow Rich

April 15th, 2012

In terms of having a definite purpose, I certainly have a very specific vision of my ideal life in my mind. It took a lot of soul searching to really bring to the surface the things that are most important to me. Now, I don’t have a plan for achieving any of these things – I only have the purpose backed by a genuine desire to see them happen. But too often in the past I have stopped at this point to assume that if I had purpose and a desire to achieve the vision, that would be enough. I thought that since I wanted to achieve these things, it would be easy to achieve. How wrong I was…

Basically, I never made it to the second chapter of Think and Grow Rich, which talks specifically about ‘faith’. Now, faith could mean a lot of things to a lot of people; however I think of it as ‘self-confidence in my abilities and capabilities to achieve’. I realised that over the years since creating this vision, that I never really, genuinely thought that I had what it took to make them happen. I became far too timid in approaching them.

In reality, it is one great thing to have a vision to move towards, but if you deep down don’t buy into the idea that you can make it happen, then you will find yourself avoiding the things that need to get done, based on a lack of self-confidence. It’s like living with low self-esteem; if you go around thinking that you are worthless, whether or not it is actually true, then you will each day do several little things that reflect this lack of self-worth. Over time, these little things add up and will cause you to ultimately achieve this status of lack of self-worth.

The solution? Simply to do what Napoleon Hill says. Add a layer on top of your vision – a layer of ‘I have the ability to make these things happen’. To do so, you must realise how you have been acting in the past, look at situations where you things didn’t work out as you wanted them to – in relationships, in situations, at university, with friends, in jobs and you will find that :

  1. You weren’t doing your own thinking.
  2. You weren’t directing your thinking in the direction that you want to go.
  3. You didn’t think you could achieve the desired outcome.

The worst thing of all is that I have learnt to settle for less; I learnt to settle for failure rather than giving it my all and attempting to make things happen. I became resigned to my fate as a failure. I learnt to accept life as it was, become someone without any desires, and in turn I experienced a degree of enlightenment. But you always come full circle back to your purpose, because once you have achieved peace, you ask yourself ‘what next?’ And so the cycle continues.

For me, I find that you just need to wipe over all those self-defeating thoughts with one really powerful thought or collection of thoughts that you CAN and DO have the ability to achieve your dreams. This maybe won’t be something you can transition to within a day, and as such it’s probably better to know that you might take a few months to really build up your belief in being able to achieve these things.

You see, if you kept repeating to yourself, ‘I can do this…’ over and over in different variations, you will feel yourself getting stronger – you will attract visions to yourself of you achieving, and over time you will convert your failure consciousness to a success mindset.

That’s the key. So, if you have got your vision together, start thinking immediately today in terms of your ability to make it happen. You don’t need to run around like a loonatic trying to get all the things done, just gently caress your thought patterns so you think more and more in terms of the person who can achieve what it is you set out to do.

My Vision

April 15th, 2012

I enclose here a statement of my true vision in it’s entirety so that it may be of benefit to anyone reading this blog who is in the same predicament as I am currently.

1. 100% Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Health

To live a long healthy disciplined lifestyle that includes meditation, good quality exercise, good quality nutrition and to be able to maintain positive emotions and mentality as much as possible. This includes having a strong and well built body, and experiencing a consistent high level of self-esteem, enthusiasm and happiness.

2. Finding the best life partner for me.

To find and marry a beautiful woman for a wife, who is happy, energetic, loving and who loves me. I have a very specific vision of what she looks like, and what her personality is like. She wants to travel with me and the family, and to live an abundant lifestyle.

3. Bringing up a family.

By thirty five years old have two healthy children and a healthy wife and to support them fully 100% financially and emotionally, bringing them up to believe they can accomplish anything they choose to do. To include animals in the family, with at least one cat and one dog preferably a labrador or Alsatian.

4. Financial Freedom.

To be 100% financially free by 30 years old, owning my own land and property in the country where I am as self-sustainable as possible. To own a car, to own stocks and to have money available for investments and projects. To own a house in sunny and beautiful part of America and to have designed this house to my own tastes.

5. Adventure Leadership Company.

To setup and run an adventure leadership company that I have a lot of fun working at and which creates great results for those who attend the courses. To motivate people and to write a book that helps people take back the power in their lives.

6. Support parents during retirement.

To support my parents, and extended family if necessary, into their retirement financially by giving them regular sums of money.

7. Football playing and coaching.

To play football regularly and to be a football coach at any level.

8. Travelling, Endurance and Adventure.

To compete in endurance events and go on adventures and travels around the world.

9. Non alcoholic lifestyle.

To enjoy life without needing to have alcohol to have fun.

10. Friends.

To have many excellent friends and to encourage and support them to achieve the dreams they’ve always dreamt of achieving.

11. Authoring.

To write a blockbuster film that gets created into a movie by thirty years old.

12. Internet Entrepeneur.

To prove once and for all that I can make money by leveraging the Internet, and able to travel as much as I like.

The Steps Toward Success

April 15th, 2012

The one thing that I have ardently been searching for is my own philosophy of success; and in my findings I realise that these really aren’t my own success ideas – they are the same ideas that people throughout history have talked about.

I think the starting point toward success is really to work out what success means to you; and to have it written up clearly and concisely. I wrote a concise vision of how I wanted my life to be many years ago, and still whenever I read it, I agree with it instinctively. However, the real reason why I never made a go of it is simply because I lacked the thought that perhaps, I actually could achieve it. I lacked the thoughts that gave me courage. Napoleon Hill mentions that the starting point of all riches is ‘Desire’ and I worked on that for many years through introspection and visualisation. What happened? Well I grew to neglect my vision, the more I wanted it, the more I didn’t think I could have it, and so I procrastinated on making even the simple changes needed to make it a reality!


April 15th, 2012

Today I realised that the one reason why I haven’t managed to really get started on any of my vision is due to my own complete lack of self-confidence in getting things done. I see it in even the smallest tasks where I make mountains out of molehills. And I’ve done this for absolutely years. Even two years ago I recognised the financial windfall that programming iPhone apps would create, however I made a slow start on learning; but then I dropped it and haven’t picked the book up again since.

Yes, I do feel a little down on these days. I’ve given in to drinking, smoking and generally drifting; and each day I do this I have slowly bound my chains tighter and tighter. I see the mental prison that I have created for myself through neglect. I see that I have neglected to do my own thinking – to think original thoughts, and not listen to the thoughts that pop into my head that generally are detrimental to me.

I’ve missed writing this blog. I wasn’t confident enough to really write my deepest thoughts on this blog though. That’s why I’ve chosen a different name for this blog other than my actual name.

But I digress.

2012 – An Update

April 15th, 2012

Incredibly it’s been almost ten months since I last blogged on jameskinkade.com. A lot has been happening in my life. In fact since last June I quit my job at the finance company, started dating again and eventually moved in with my girlfriend into her flat; I applied for an IT job in December and as of March this year I am now in full employment in that position. It’s a great wage for where I live. But still, in those ten months I have done virtually nothing that could take me closer towards my coveted goal of becoming a millionaire by thirty years old.

Millionaire by Thirty Part 17

June 11th, 2011

Whilst personal development has an almost unlimited number of facets for you to experiment in; the one area that will give you the most leverage for you to achieve other things is your own personal health. You probably already have several past reference points for how good it feels to feel good :) – but if you are not practicing a healthy lifestyle currently you have probably forgotten – just like I did. Surprisingly this doesn’t mean that you have to turn yourself into a health nut and exercise for hours each day. Today I went to the gym to do some swimming – I swam until I was tired, then swam a little more just beyond that point; then sat in the sauna for ten minutes before sitting in the jacquizi. All I can say is, what a positive difference that made to my mood – I went in feeling relatively down and ill, and came out literally feeling like a new person!

Six Months To Go

May 19th, 2011

Today I have made a decision to start traveling on the first day of 2012, whether I am ready or not for it. I want to be able to travel around Europe whilst making money by leveraging the Internet in different ways. The goal is to go traveling for a year and I intend to go visit my family in Australia, Germany and America. I have the following parameters:

1 – My net worth must increase each month.

2 – I can only spend money that I have, and not on credit. In times of emergencies a credit card is allowable.

This is about six months away, plenty of time for me to get a plan together and make things happen.

Part 17 – Rebooting. Sunday.

May 8th, 2011

It’s been over three weeks since my last blog post. In that time life has been hectic- working a 9 – 5 job with a 40 minute walk both ways; we’ve had a friend stay in the flat and I lost my focus on what is really important to me in my life. It’s only been this morning after a drunken Saturday that I realised I have to reboot my life. I’ve had no consistency over the past three weeks and haven’t managed to get much done on the side. I’ve realised how much I dislike the 9 – 5 environment despite it being a very simple job; the fact that I have to be somewhere for someone else tomorrow morning at 9 am is not something I like. I feel like I have two sides to me – one very positive and one very negative. I also am getting very impatient and getting involved in instant gratification just to cover up how much I dislike this lifestyle that I am in right now. It truly is time for change. I have realised over the past two weeks that everything is really created in my mind – for instance the desire to take some action but at the same time doubting that I can actually make it happen – I am creating all my own problems within my mind. This was quite a big realisation for me – and made me think about what could have been in the past if I had just taken different actions. However, the past is just the past and there is nothing that I can do about it. What’s important is right now and what I do with my time. It’s going to take some new things in order for me to get free of the self-created prison that I find myself in.

The goal? Well, millionaire by thirty.